Wednesday, April 27, 2011

baby's first easter basket

Grayson says,

Goood morning, parents! I hear it's Easter!

Hi! hi hi hi!

C'mon! I get something, right?

There it is!

I'm gonna get ya, Easter basket.

Yay! New puffs! I get to eat these later, right?

Let's see... what else...?

Aw, did you get me a book? You know I love books.

Ooo, pretty...

Must examine closer.

I LOVE this book!

What's this, mama?

I haven't seen one of these before.

I must study this further later.

Woo! Some of my favorite purees!

Yay, Tangled on Blu-ray!

And a little toy. I think I'm kinda scared of it, ok?

OMG, a blanket!

Best Easter basket ever!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

android pics update

Sometimes I get to capture moments on my phone that I just wouldn't be able to if I had to haul out the Nikon.

Mmm, tasty toes.

G loved my bro and his girlfriend. He kept trying to eat her colorful skirt. 

His first ride at Chucky Cheese's on a firetruck. He was actually more amused than he seems here.

He looks like he's sucking his thumb here, but he isn't. G actually takes one of his two naps on me daily, sprawling across my lap. But really, wouldn't you trade anything to be able to see this face?

What a hilarious baby. Laying on my legs, eating the drawstring of my pants, holding a leg up in the air for no reason.

G's teething again, so his daddy often helps him sleep a bit more in the morning when he's having a difficult time going back to bed. I walked in to see them like this.

Up for the day with super fluffy hair.

Monday, April 11, 2011

baby and me

G and I go to the zoo at least once a week. We spend time going through one of the two largest loops (my favorite is the bamboo trail), and then we finish it off with some time at the playground. Last Wednesday, we spent some time hanging on a picnic blanket amid the large grassy hill. It's a great picnic spot. Love it there! This is also when G took his first crawling steps.

G is such an affectionate kiddo. He'll press his face up against yours or lay his head on your chest. I swear he knows what a kiss is. Today, I said, "Hey Grayson, want a kiss?" and he leaned his head far forward for a smooch. He did it several other times as well. When the hubs got home, I told him to do the same thing and G leaned forward again. So utterly cute.

The grass motivated G to do his first crawling, but he wasn't very amused with it.

Nope, don't like it.

Wait, let's try again.


Still don't like it, mama.

Grass, stay over there, okay?

I finally got a shot of his first tooth!

I'm naught but a jungle gym for the kiddo to climb.

Trying to look at the blanket.

I love his tiny neck and the way his ears kinda stick out on the bottom.

Feet are apparently tasty.

He loves to cross his legs. He'll even do this while sitting down. Such a relaxed posture for a baby.

Hoping for another zoo day with G on Wednesday. We might even pop over for a visit tomorrow if it's warm enough. We've had crazy weather here in Tennessee, so who knows day-to-day.
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