Monday, January 30, 2012

vintage Grayson time!

One of my favorite series of posts on this blog is Grayson Says. I haven't been doing as many lately because he's actually starting to communicate and whatnot. But they were huge fun when he was too young to really tell us how he felt.

I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorites for all my newbie readers. *waves*. Plus, you get to see vintage G is all his glory, complete with stubby legs and really short hair.

G versus Grass

When Daddy walks into the room...

Grayson's first snowman

I'm on a Bed!

Aww, all of these baby pics of G make my ovaries hurt... that is, they would be if one ovary wasn't already producing hormones for another baby while the other is moping that it didn't get a shot at producing an egg.

I can't wait to hold a squishy new baby in my arms. I hope they're as fun as G is. The kiddo? He has such a sense of humor.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

to talk or not to talk

Baby #2 is quickly approaching second trimester (yay). But our first baby - a baby no more - is rapidly approaching two years. Next week, he'll hit 20 months.

Babycenter sent me a 19 months and 3 week update. One of these days, I should cancel these weekly emails as they can kinda make me go crazy. It stated, and I quote: "Don't worry if your child doesn't say much: A vocabulary of anywhere between ten and 50 words is normal for this stage of development."

Whaa? 10-50 words??

G has one. "Moo."

If you ask him what a cow says, or if he sees a picture of a cow, he says, "Moo."

Almost two months ago, we had him evaluated by Early Intervention. In all of his other categories, including speech in terms of how much he understands, he scored high, even high enough to qualify for the 24 month evaluation. She said to call back sometime around 22-24 months if he still was having problems.

Of course, I'm not being all that patient. It's so frustrating to have your toddler only grunt at you when he wants something or babble in a way you can't understand. We received some tips on how to encourage him to speak, such as refusing to understand him even if you do get what he wants, but nothing seems to be working. This is made all the more frustrating by the fact that I'm currently taking a class on how to teach young children to read. We learned how speech is mostly a natural skill learned without actually being taught it, while reading must be taught.

I told myself, well, if I can't teach him to speak, then I'll teach him some sign language. He now recognizes and often uses the following signs: more, all done, milk, and diaper.

More - tapping of fingers together.

All done - holding out both hands with palms up, then turning them palms down.

Milk - squeezing hands into fists.

Cute, right? It's not talking, but at least it's communicating.

I know that his understanding of language is right on par for his age. He picked up these signs pretty easily. But he can't use signs forever. Eventually he's gotta form his lips into the words and really communicate with us.

In two more months, if he hasn't stepped up his talking game, I'll definitely be calling TEIS back. For some reason, our efforts just aren't working. At that point, it'll be time to hand it over to the professionals. I do feel guilty, wondering what about my parenting skills is so lacking that my child won't speak. I'm a quiet person by nature, but when G was born, I stepped up my efforts to talk more. It became habit to narrate actions and name things throughout the day; we also read a ton starting from a very young age.

I can't help the mommy guilt, though.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

double digits, baby!

Oh man, I look tired. Oh wait, I am. I also think I look 4 months pregnant. Ahem.

I didn't post this yesterday in honor of the SOPA blackout, so it comes a day late. Ah, well.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant!

I threw up for the first time a couple nights ago. I just couldn't fight it anymore. I've had pretty bad nausea since about 5 weeks, but I've been able to fight it off by using my wrist bands, candy, and distraction, but not this time. I'm hoping that's the first and only time I throw up. A couple more weeks and I'm out of first trimester - maybe the nausea will start backing off.

Now that I'm further along, I'll start filling out these little charts about how things are going.
  • How far along? 10 weeks. Double digit time!
  • Total weight gain: 3 pounds. I gained 36 pounds with G - hoping for a little less this time.
  • Maternity clothes?  Not really. I'm wearing a Bella Band, but that's it.
  • Stretch marks? Nothing new.
  • Sleep: Okay most of the time. I'm using a pillow between my legs already. I'm usually up for 30-45 minutes a night because I get stuffy. Stupid nose.
  • Best moment this week: Eh, nothing super awesome. Still feeling pretty crappy most of the time.
  • Miss Anything? Amaretto sours. :)
  • Movement: Baby was moving like crazy on the ultrasound, but I can't feel it yet.
  • Food cravings: Meeeaat. Chicken enchiladas. Cheesy things. Gravy.
  • Food aversions: Peanut butter. The after smells of food, especially eggs.
  • Gender: No idea yet.
  • Labor Signs: Nothing.
  • Symptoms: Bloating, aches and pains, fatigue, nausea, hot flashes.
  • Belly Button in or out? In. Last time, it just disappeared and smoothed out, but didn't pop out.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Looking forward to: Losing the nausea and feeling some baby movement!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

first baby appt

We had our first prenatal appointment this morning. It was, by far, the worst day for all-day nausea I've had. I did ask for a prescription for anti-nausea meds. I only have three more weeks in the first trimester (wow!), so I'm hoping it'll be over soon. I was nauseous for at least 14 weeks with G, though, so who knows.

But, drum roll please.

Introducing, baby #2!

Yes, there is only one baby in there. The ultrasound threw me at first because we caught some glimpses of the egg yolk sack, but she said there was definitely one one. Yay. I think baby #2 is thrilled to inhabit that uterus all by itself, judging by how much it moved on the ultrasound. G wasn't even 8 weeks when we first saw him, so I wasn't prepared for how large this baby was at almost 9 weeks.

I know it's way early to feel any movement, but I swear I've felt a few flutters now and then. I'm holding my tongue about it until at least a few more weeks have passed, but I wouldn't be surprised if I felt kiddo 2 even just a tiny bit right now. That kid can move.

See that little foot sticking out there? Dave was like, aww, it's waving to us, but the ultrasound technique was all like, um, that's a foot. haha. Sure, kiddo, wave with your foot. That's fine by us.

The heartbeat was pounding away like crazy. My OB was infinitely pleased. She's pledged to be the one to deliver this baby, since she missed G's birth by about 5 minutes. I'm just relieved that everything checked out okay. We can breathe easier now that our miscarriage rate has dropped to almost nill.

Anyway, I'm going to go lay down before I puke. If I can make it this whole pregnancy without throwing up once, I'll be sooo happy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

no devil-babies, please

Our first ultrasound and prenatal doc appointment is tomorrow! Since I've known I was pregnant at 3 weeks and 3 days, I've been looking forward to this for a while. I've had a lot of time to think about the moment of seeing my baby on the screen.

Right now, I'm mostly just hoping for a good strong heartbeat. That's key this early on. Also hoping the baby is measuring on target for almost 9 weeks.

A lot of not-so great scenarios have run through my head. I've had dreams (or nightmares, what have you) about all of this.

Of course, the first is that it's twins. I wouldn't be thrilled with the idea. Twins means bedrest and a c-section, and probably time in the NICU, and double everything. I'm not sure G would enjoy being the older brother to twins. And what if they're twin BOYS? Oh lordy.

If it's twins, there's one good twin and one bad twin. Anyone seen American Horror Story? Yeah, I had a dream that the babies were moving inside of me. I saw tiny baby fingers rubbing down the inside of my belly - ack! And one totally had hooves. My first ultrasound experience went pretty much like that woman's, too. As in, the ultrasound technique passed out and then joined a nunnery. Yep.

I'll just be relieved when the ultrasound is over, and we know everything is good-to-go for baby #2.

And, you know, no hooves.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

welcome to my blog-o-sphere

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Take a look around. My kid is cute, right? I claim no responsibility for the power of that cuteness.

No, really. I have no idea where he got it from.

19 Months - over halfway to 2!

Someone was not in the mood to get his picture taken tonight. As you can see from these pics, he was kinda mellow. When I told him it was time to get out of the bath, he simply put down his toys, raise his arms for help, and practically leaped out. He was passed out in bed about 15 minutes later, so I think he was a little tired.

Or maybe he's teething? He's got those fangs to cut before he turns 2.

My parents gave him the cutest towel for Christmas. He's so tall, his butt was kinda exposed when I picked him up, but it's cute nonetheless.

Check out my baby bump in the pic below! I look way further along than 8 weeks, right?

Dave captured this fantastic pic of his eye. Love it.

So G is 19 months today. We already decided that his 2nd birthday will likely be Yo Gabba Gabba themed since he freakin' loves that show. He demands that we fast forward whenever something other than the main characters come on the screen, even if it's a band (and he usually loves music).

He didn't change much from 18 months. He knows more body parts, but he still has no words. He dances to any little song that comes on, and he especially loves the theme song to King of the Hill. He cut his last molar, so he has 12 teeth now - no fangs or second year molars. He still uses a paci for naps and nighttime (ugh), and I'm not sure when we plan to get rid of it.

His sleep has been weird ever since the time change, and it's gotten worse in the past week or so. Last night, he was up for an hour in the early morning, which is very weird for him. He was babbling up a storm today, and he has been falling down a lot. He didn't want much food today. I'm definitely thinking either teeth or a growth spurt, probably?

I'm off to work on syllabus planning. School starts on Monday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas (Eve) Morning

This is what Christmas (Eve) morning with a sick and crusty toddler looks like:

Get it off get it off!

He wanted nothing to do with that stocking this year, unlike last year when he thought it was the bee's knees.

I was kinda hoping for the same reaction this year, but oh well. I can't blame the guy. He hadn't gotten much sleep due to his congestion, and he had so much snot that he rivaled me for the amount of tissue used in a day. He actually liked his stuff once we unwrapped it for him. I got him to sit still by pulling him onto the couch with me and unwrapping his stuff in front of him. He's such a gooey and cuddly toddler that this kind of thing can pacify him.

He didn't get much from us since his largest present cost so much - a few books, a doctor's kit (he loves that thing), and a stuffed owl named Roxie that he kinda ignores. Oh well. At least he loves Measles, the polka dotted giraffe we gave him last Christmas; he knows its name, and will go over and give it loves when we ask where Measles is.

Anyway, his big gift was a PBK Anywhere Chair. So far, I haven't seen him actually sitting in it. Rather, he does this funny crouch thing as he steps into it and hangs out. He always has this goofy smile on his face like he thinks his new vantage part is that awesome.

Look! I'm in a chair! What's up with that?

We had three more celebrations after that - one with Dave's family that evening, Christmas morning with my parents, and Christmas evening with my grandparents and the rest of my mom's family. By the end of it, pretty much everyone was sick except for Dave and me, and even we were fighting it off. I'm not even sure how much of that was Grayson's fault (not that you can fault him for spreading the love around) but yay for germs.

Tomorrow, G turns 19 months and I turn 8 weeks pregnant. The fact that I can say that sentence just boggles my mind. Boggles.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in review













2011 was a huge year for G. He went having no signs of crawling as a 7 month old baby with NO teeth to running around with confidence as an almost 19 month old toddler with 12 teeth! He went from having almost no hair to having hair so long in the back that we may have to trim it up soon. He's in the 95% for height, but he's always been tall and skinny. He smiles easily and freely. He understands about 70% of what I say directly to him, and who knows, I'm probably underestimating. He still has no words except for "bmoo" (cow) and "ah-ah-ah" (monkey), but he can point out 12 of his own body parts and he knows the signs for more and all done. His favorite things to do are 1) read, 2) play with blocks, 3) run around like crazy, and 4) dance.

It was a big year for us, too. We lost one of our kitties, Bill, to kidney failure. We took our first family trip to Miami to visit the Cuban family for a wedding. I started school (again). We're expecting baby #2 sometime in August.

All in all, it was a fabulous year. I'm looking forward to 2012, when G will (hopefully) start talking, baby #2 will be born, and I'll work on more of the classes portion of school. 2013 will bring a ton more changes as the kiddos both slide into (or more into) toddlerhood, and I finish the class portion of school. 2014 will bring graduation (yay!), a full time teaching job, and a new house!

At least, that's the plan. :)

Bye bye, 2011. You were pretty awesome, but I'm glad to see you go!
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