About the G

He's Grayson Lewis, cuddlebug, babycake, g-buddy. He's just plain ol' G. Yeah, I'm kinda obsessed with my first and only kiddo. How can you not be when he gives you this smile?

He makes me laugh all day long. (He also makes me want to gnash my teeth in frustration all day long.) He's an old soul and a typically toddler all wrapped into one squishy baby who loves reading, cuddles, and running around like a crazy person.

He has his mommy's dimples, nose, and eyebrows, and his daddy's... well, his eyes are kinda half Dave's. haha. He has the best comedic timing ever. He was born with the most gorgeous giganto feet that only fit into 6-9 month socks when he was a newborn. They're still pretty big, and he'll stick them in your face if you ask if they're stinky.

He's the sweetest little boy who has a huge stubborn streak. I hope he'll always be so nice and opinionated. ha!

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