Monday, February 28, 2011

nekkid baby!

Poor G has been extra drool-tastic lately (are those teeth EVER going to appear??) and his cheeks have not been happy about it. We finally put some antibiotic ointment on them last night. They were much better today, less red, so I think one more night of that stuff and they'll be more back to normal. We've been putting some other baby skin cream on during the day. But when I took these pictures, they were looking rough. It doesn't help that he sleeps mostly on his stomach now, often with his face planted on the sheets.

Also, when did he grow that belly? He's always been up there in his stats, but he's been rather slender due to his height. But he's gotten a bit of a chubchub tummy in the last week. I love to pinch it and laugh when he sucks in his gut.

My kiddo has the longest torso ever. Nom that Yo Gabba Gabba bath toy, G! Bring in those teethies!

He's had this swirl on the back of his head ever since he was born. I'm in love with it.

Nom nom nom.

Hi, Daddy!

He's such a happy baby. It's so easy to make him laugh now.

He loves this pillow omg. He thinks face-planting into it is the best thing ever.

Still not a fan of tummy time, even though he now sleeps most of the night on his tummy. He's much more tolerant of it now, though (i.e. he doesn't immediately burst into tears). He can push his whole tummy off the floor now. I think in the next month he'll manage to get his knees underneath him with too much trouble.

Yeah, still not a fan.

My baby turns 9 months old on Friday. I'm trying not to freak out about it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oh my poor car

So yesterday I got in a car wreck.

I'm still kinda pissed about it.

Well, no "kinda" about it - I'm still pissed.

I was having lunch with my dad, my first lunch with him in the new year and my first lunch with G without the hubs. I was excited to stretch my ability to go out and about with G by myself and involve eating. I saw Applebee's up ahead, so I turned right into the parking lot. I go forward, and soon my dad cries out, and I see a large SUV's butt backing into me.

It was way too fast for me to do anything but try to pull to the left a little, but of course there wasn't much room. She hit me in the front right side of my car. I heard a loud crunch and my car rocked sideways.

I was kinda stunned, so we sat there for a moment. The woman got out of her car and ran over, immediately apologizing. Dad said to get out of the way with the car, so I pulled into a nearby parking spot and got out to check on G. He was just looking around, sucking on his paci like nothing was wrong. He didn't even seem alarmed. I kept checking on him during the process of taking pictures and exchanging info, but he was perfectly fine the whole time.

Anyway, I didn't call the police to handle it the way that I should have. My dad though the law was different in Tennessee than it was, and I really should've stood my ground about it. The wreck was obviously the woman's fault for not pulling out slower than she did, so I'm hoping her insurance will cover it. Her vehicle only had a few scratches, while mine now looks like this:

My poor red baby. Hmm, I think that tire needs a little air.

Due to the way she dented in my door, my passenger side door won't open more than a foot. It'll probably end up being a pretty expensive fix due to all the dents and paint. Who knows, but my car's only worth $5000, so we're looking at a fix that'll be a good portion of that.

And I have to hope the lady was honest with her insurance. I'm worried they'll convince her to not admit fault, even though she said that it was her fault over and over. And my insurance guy was a jerk about the fact that I didn't call the police. Not really what I wanted to hear. I felt bad enough as is.

Rar, the whole thing just boils my blood.

At least G's fine and the car is drivable. I'll contact the insurance company tomorrow to see what's up. Hoping for the best!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

where did my tiny baby go?

Look at those feet! Those feet are huuuge!

Okay, I know I talk about G's feet a lot. But they're just so stinkin' cute and squishy and LONG. Plus he likes to wave them at you like this, just begging you to nom on them and make him laugh.

He kills me when he curls his toes like this.

What a smile! It's so easy to get a smile out of him. I'm so thankful to have such a happy kiddo. He's got a fiery personality. He lets you know if he's unhappy with whatever's going on. But he's also quick to shoot that gummy grin at you. We've gotten comments multiple times that he smiles with his eyes, and he really does.

His hair has been growing like crazy, too. I love to run my fingers through it whenever he'll let me. We try to comb it to the side a bit so it doesn't look so choppy in the front.

Even though he's still trying to cut some teeth, he's been such a joy this past week. He's so much fun to play with, and he's such a cuddly baby. Sometimes all he wants is to stand in your lap; he'll look around, then grab onto your shirt, pull himself into you, and bury his face in your chest or neck. I'm happy to be raising an affectionate little boy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

g's 8-month professional pics

A week ago we met up with Chris and Adrienne Scott, our FAV photographers. They're fantastic peeps, and we always have a blast with them. They've now done our engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, 4 month, and 8 month photos.

I think they're kinda stalking us.

Unlike our 4-month photo session which involved a bit of a meltdown (G was kinda terrified of the loud noises the leaves made), this session went as smooth as butter. And just as tasty. God, I miss dairy.

Anyway, Grayson's so comfortable around Chris and Adrienne that we got tons of gorgeous shots of him. I seriously don't know how we'll pick which ones we want to put up on the wall, but I know we'll be choosing a whole bunch of them. I tried to narrow it down to some of my favorite to share, but still this post is definitely photo heavy.

The obligatory baby-in-the-chair photo shoot. We've done a specific shot (not this one) of G in his rocking chair since he was a newborn. Once we get one at his year photo session, I'll post the whole spread. Really excited about that going on the wall. Totally cuteness.

I had Adrienne take a few of me breastfeeding. G was really distracted by all the hub-bub, so I'm afraid she probably got an eye-full of nip. Whoops! But I'm looking to end it in less than two months, so I'm trying to take as many shots as possible to remember those moments by.

He does this thing where he sucks in his bottom lip. This face just slays me. I melt.

The hubs will hold G upside down, and G will look around and study what things look like from the different angle. Too funny. It doesn't bother him at all.

There was this gorgeous blue bench. G kept grabbing onto it behind him, which made for some baby modeling.

 Big line of drool headed for Dave's head! haha, the cost of having a teething baby on your shoulders.

He could get away with a lot with that smile.

If you're in the Nashville area (and even if you're not - they love to travel!), check out Chris and Adrienne for almost any kind of photo session you're needing. We super <3 them!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 So lately I've been kinda doing this:

Even though I have one of these to chase around:

I still feel like this after being pregnant eight months ago:

So the hubs and I have decided to do this:

I really wish I could say my first day experience went something like this:

But really it was more traumatic like this:

I'm going to stick with it for 30 days, though. I hope to end up like this:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

two clickies?

I'm getting a lot of new traffic here lately, especially since Top Baby Blogs reset. All you newcommers, welcome! If you feel like it, gimme two clicks and vote for Gray Baby Productions below. I'd love you forever!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Grayson learns to babble {vid}

Grayson slept horribly Saturday night. Then he woke up Sunday morning able to do this stuff with his mouth. How crazy is all this babbling? I swear he went from only making screeching noises to saying baba, bubu, blahblah, bluhbluh, yaya, lala, and... drum roll... MAMA!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 random things I know today

I'm likely going to quit breastfeeding at 10 months. It makes me sad, but I'm beyond ready to have my boobs and body back to myself. I plan on doing it gradually, and once it's all over, I'll pat myself on the back that I made it 4 months longer than planned. Go team boob!

Friends Hammer and Tammy gave G a late Christmas present. This was his reaction upon receiving it:

Okay, so he actually loved the present. He was rather overwhelmed with all the toy goodness. So sweet of H&T!

It's snowed again today. I'm so not amused. On the plus side, it's supposed to be sunny and in the 50s all next week. I think I'll take G for some kind of outside adventure each day. That kid really thrives on being out and about now that he's older.

Crystal of Domestic, But Not Martha was sweet enough to linky me in her Pay it Forward campaign. A big WELCOME if you're a new around these parts. You can follow me to the right if you're so inclined and/or hit me up on Twitter!

I'm thinking about going back to school to get my certification to teach elementary. OMG.

Speaking of the big G, this teething business is dragging on way too long. He's been "teething" for three weeks now with no toothie to be found. We swear he's got one just below the surface on the bottom, but it's hanging out there, in no hurry. Since he's 8 months old with no teeth, we're a bit impatient at this point.

Though I'm so obvious about it, I love peeking in on the hubs reading to G before bed. The moment kills me with cute.

G and I went shopping at the mall yesterday all by ourselves. It was a momentous occasion with very little fussiness on his part. There was lots of fussing on my part as I didn't find the shirt I was wanting, but there you go. I did keep him out a little too long, so he was overtired by the time we got home. He did not want to nap after that. The day ended in tears (both his and mine) but at least I got out with him? Right? I feel more confident that G and I can enjoy a day together out and about like that, especially once the weather warms up.

Here's a pic of G and Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum. Yeah, she was over at my father-in-law's doing some music writing business. (I love how casual I sound there even though I had to try very hard not to be giddy around a celebrity.) She was sweet and totally in love with G. I didn't have my Lightscoop with me and the lighting was horrible, but at least I got a pic! And she said I could post it! Woo.

Okay, last one... I have the grossest story ever. It involves poop. You've been warned. Two days ago, G was sitting in my lap as we read a book. He started to make his poop noise - you know the one - so I waited for him to finish. And waited. And waited. It took forever but he was finally done. So I carried him upstairs and pulled off his pants, folded them and put them down. Then I went to take off his diaper and realized there was poop all over his legs and ankles and feet. There was poop everywhere. To make matters worse, he was in a great mood and flailing his legs all over the place, flinging poop on the wall and the changing table and the changing pad. And me. I tried to wipe him but only succeeded in smearing it around and getting it on the wipes case as well. You know how hard it is to open two doors and a shower curtain, all while carrying a poop-covered baby away from you so you don't get more poop on yourself? Yeah it's hard, and I wasn't that successful. G handled the whole situation really well. Especially when I had to put him in the bathtub with his onesie and diaper still on, without him being in his baby bathtub. I had to hose him down, but you know, this semi-solid poop doesn't just rinse off. Plus, oh the horror, that's when I remembered that our tub needed to be draino'd, so none of the poop was going down the drain. My poop baby was sitting in an inch of poop water. So once he was mostly rinsed off, I put him in our bathroom sink, which he was way too small for, and soaped him up there. Again, he handled it fantastically. Then I realized I'd forgotten a towel, so I had to carry him dripping wet into his room again to towel and diaper him on the floor. It was awful. Soooo awful.

And there you have it. I leave you tonight with the poop to end all poops.

wordless wednesday: mmm, water (NOT)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 8 months, cuddle buggie

Dear Grayson,

You are eight months old today! For some reason, the number eight is hitting me harder than the others so far. I think, man, eight is old. Eight is leading toward crawling and walking and talking, and all of those toddler things. You're looking more like a toddler in the face, too.

Two weeks ago, you had a stint of three or four days where you woke up every hour to two hours. We were at our wit's end trying to figure out what was wrong with you, especially since you had previously been sleeping really good. We think it was your first kinda cold on top of starting to teething (finally). You didn't really show any signs of a cold, so we're not really sure about that one, but we're pretty sure about the teething. As of yet, no teeth have broken through, but you're drooling like crazy, obsessive about running something over your gums, and randomly fussy. We're giving you Tylenol before bed every night, and that seems to do the trick since you're now sleeping beautifully again. At eight months, you're still toothless, but I think that your gummy smile will be gone soon.

We had a few other milestones this month. You sat forward facing in your stroller for the first time. You love it so much better than being backward in your cramped snap-on carseat.  We've also taken you to a few restaurants, mainly fast food, and you've sat in a high chair. You're a huge baby at around twenty pounds, but you look so little sitting there all by yourself, kicking your feet.

This month, you rolled from your back to your tummy for the first time. Then you started doing it compulsively at night. This seemed to contribute to the lack of sleep you were getting for a while, since you would wake yourself up and start crying because you were on your tummy. Since then, though, you've gotten much more used to it. You'll roll all over the place on the floor and actually play on your tummy for a bit before rolling over again. You'll even sleep on your tummy when you roll over and are too tired to care much about it.

You're eating all sorts of solid foods. We're working on getting you eating solids three times a day now. Still only purees, though, as anything remotely chunky makes you gag. In case you ever care to know, here's a list of foods you've had, including your reaction.

Rice Cereal: LOVE
Oatmeal: LOVE
Pear: LOVE
Apple: LOVE
Banana: LOVE
Sweet Potato: LOVE
Winter Squash: LOVE
Green beans: LOVE
Peas: Kinda like okay
Corn: LOVE
Mango: Not really cool with it
Peaches: Like okay
Prunes: Kinda okay
Chicken: HATE
Turkey: HATE

I think we'll introduce carrots and pumpkin here soon. It's so fun to feed you. You'll make the best face on the first bite, like you're contemplating how you feel about it. Then you'll either lean forward and open your mouth wanting more more more or you'll lean back and kindasorta open your mouth, like okay maybe more.

This month, you're also starting to develop some separation anxiety. You often don't like it if we leave the room, and you're not too fond of being babysat by someone else. We're trying to encourage you as much as possible with this so maybe you'll work through it quickly.

I'm typing this around midnight, so it'll post a day late. I'm up while you're sleeping - such a bad idea, right? You still like to wake us up at 3 or 4, and sometimes you don't go back to sleep for a while. We try not to complain too much. You've gotten really good at putting yourself back to sleep for the most part. You're changing so much week to week, baby G. I'm not sure I'm ready for you to be so big. Love you, cuddle buggie.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

what? I'm so not obsessed.

My kiddo has huge feet.

When he was born, we had all these 0-3 socks. Nope, those were all too small, laughable, really, in size. 3-6 fit, but barely. 6-9 was only a little big. It's no wonder those feet left such a large bulge across half of my tummy when he stretched. He was so skinny when he was born, his skin all wrinkled like it was just waiting to be filled out. His feet were kinda the same way. Narrow but oh so long.

I'm rather obsessed with my son's baby toes.  He's got such gorgeous feet. They crack me up the way they curl up or try to grip my finger when I run my finger up their soles. They jerk around when I tickle them with a nail, and G cackles when I nibble on the toes.

We bought G some socks for Christmas. (It's a bit of a family tradition to put socks in the stocking.) I bought 12-18 month, thinking maybe he'd wear them a bit later. Yeah, those socks fit him now. In fact, they're a little snug. He might have a tiny bit of room in length, but they're definitely snug around. Not only does my son have long feet, he now also has chub-chub feet. They're so squishy! After he nurses, I often sit him up in my lap, with him leaning against my chest, put his feet in my hands, and squish the tops of them. Oh how they slay me with cuteness.

I'm on the hunt for some soft-soled shoes for him to wear to his 8 month photoshoot next Saturday. We did a bit of measuring to see what size he'd wear and he fit into a size 3 with a little room to grow. Dude, what big feet you have, G!

Yeah, so my tiny baby who's not so tiny anymore is turning 8 months tomorrow. sniff sniff
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