Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 random things I know today

I'm likely going to quit breastfeeding at 10 months. It makes me sad, but I'm beyond ready to have my boobs and body back to myself. I plan on doing it gradually, and once it's all over, I'll pat myself on the back that I made it 4 months longer than planned. Go team boob!

Friends Hammer and Tammy gave G a late Christmas present. This was his reaction upon receiving it:

Okay, so he actually loved the present. He was rather overwhelmed with all the toy goodness. So sweet of H&T!

It's snowed again today. I'm so not amused. On the plus side, it's supposed to be sunny and in the 50s all next week. I think I'll take G for some kind of outside adventure each day. That kid really thrives on being out and about now that he's older.

Crystal of Domestic, But Not Martha was sweet enough to linky me in her Pay it Forward campaign. A big WELCOME if you're a new around these parts. You can follow me to the right if you're so inclined and/or hit me up on Twitter!

I'm thinking about going back to school to get my certification to teach elementary. OMG.

Speaking of the big G, this teething business is dragging on way too long. He's been "teething" for three weeks now with no toothie to be found. We swear he's got one just below the surface on the bottom, but it's hanging out there, in no hurry. Since he's 8 months old with no teeth, we're a bit impatient at this point.

Though I'm so obvious about it, I love peeking in on the hubs reading to G before bed. The moment kills me with cute.

G and I went shopping at the mall yesterday all by ourselves. It was a momentous occasion with very little fussiness on his part. There was lots of fussing on my part as I didn't find the shirt I was wanting, but there you go. I did keep him out a little too long, so he was overtired by the time we got home. He did not want to nap after that. The day ended in tears (both his and mine) but at least I got out with him? Right? I feel more confident that G and I can enjoy a day together out and about like that, especially once the weather warms up.

Here's a pic of G and Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum. Yeah, she was over at my father-in-law's doing some music writing business. (I love how casual I sound there even though I had to try very hard not to be giddy around a celebrity.) She was sweet and totally in love with G. I didn't have my Lightscoop with me and the lighting was horrible, but at least I got a pic! And she said I could post it! Woo.

Okay, last one... I have the grossest story ever. It involves poop. You've been warned. Two days ago, G was sitting in my lap as we read a book. He started to make his poop noise - you know the one - so I waited for him to finish. And waited. And waited. It took forever but he was finally done. So I carried him upstairs and pulled off his pants, folded them and put them down. Then I went to take off his diaper and realized there was poop all over his legs and ankles and feet. There was poop everywhere. To make matters worse, he was in a great mood and flailing his legs all over the place, flinging poop on the wall and the changing table and the changing pad. And me. I tried to wipe him but only succeeded in smearing it around and getting it on the wipes case as well. You know how hard it is to open two doors and a shower curtain, all while carrying a poop-covered baby away from you so you don't get more poop on yourself? Yeah it's hard, and I wasn't that successful. G handled the whole situation really well. Especially when I had to put him in the bathtub with his onesie and diaper still on, without him being in his baby bathtub. I had to hose him down, but you know, this semi-solid poop doesn't just rinse off. Plus, oh the horror, that's when I remembered that our tub needed to be draino'd, so none of the poop was going down the drain. My poop baby was sitting in an inch of poop water. So once he was mostly rinsed off, I put him in our bathroom sink, which he was way too small for, and soaped him up there. Again, he handled it fantastically. Then I realized I'd forgotten a towel, so I had to carry him dripping wet into his room again to towel and diaper him on the floor. It was awful. Soooo awful.

And there you have it. I leave you tonight with the poop to end all poops.


  1. Congrats on 10 months of breastfeeding! :)

  2. Aw, thanks. Well, G's 8 months and a week right now, but I'm definitely going to make it to at least 10!


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