Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 8 months, cuddle buggie

Dear Grayson,

You are eight months old today! For some reason, the number eight is hitting me harder than the others so far. I think, man, eight is old. Eight is leading toward crawling and walking and talking, and all of those toddler things. You're looking more like a toddler in the face, too.

Two weeks ago, you had a stint of three or four days where you woke up every hour to two hours. We were at our wit's end trying to figure out what was wrong with you, especially since you had previously been sleeping really good. We think it was your first kinda cold on top of starting to teething (finally). You didn't really show any signs of a cold, so we're not really sure about that one, but we're pretty sure about the teething. As of yet, no teeth have broken through, but you're drooling like crazy, obsessive about running something over your gums, and randomly fussy. We're giving you Tylenol before bed every night, and that seems to do the trick since you're now sleeping beautifully again. At eight months, you're still toothless, but I think that your gummy smile will be gone soon.

We had a few other milestones this month. You sat forward facing in your stroller for the first time. You love it so much better than being backward in your cramped snap-on carseat.  We've also taken you to a few restaurants, mainly fast food, and you've sat in a high chair. You're a huge baby at around twenty pounds, but you look so little sitting there all by yourself, kicking your feet.

This month, you rolled from your back to your tummy for the first time. Then you started doing it compulsively at night. This seemed to contribute to the lack of sleep you were getting for a while, since you would wake yourself up and start crying because you were on your tummy. Since then, though, you've gotten much more used to it. You'll roll all over the place on the floor and actually play on your tummy for a bit before rolling over again. You'll even sleep on your tummy when you roll over and are too tired to care much about it.

You're eating all sorts of solid foods. We're working on getting you eating solids three times a day now. Still only purees, though, as anything remotely chunky makes you gag. In case you ever care to know, here's a list of foods you've had, including your reaction.

Rice Cereal: LOVE
Oatmeal: LOVE
Pear: LOVE
Apple: LOVE
Banana: LOVE
Sweet Potato: LOVE
Winter Squash: LOVE
Green beans: LOVE
Peas: Kinda like okay
Corn: LOVE
Mango: Not really cool with it
Peaches: Like okay
Prunes: Kinda okay
Chicken: HATE
Turkey: HATE

I think we'll introduce carrots and pumpkin here soon. It's so fun to feed you. You'll make the best face on the first bite, like you're contemplating how you feel about it. Then you'll either lean forward and open your mouth wanting more more more or you'll lean back and kindasorta open your mouth, like okay maybe more.

This month, you're also starting to develop some separation anxiety. You often don't like it if we leave the room, and you're not too fond of being babysat by someone else. We're trying to encourage you as much as possible with this so maybe you'll work through it quickly.

I'm typing this around midnight, so it'll post a day late. I'm up while you're sleeping - such a bad idea, right? You still like to wake us up at 3 or 4, and sometimes you don't go back to sleep for a while. We try not to complain too much. You've gotten really good at putting yourself back to sleep for the most part. You're changing so much week to week, baby G. I'm not sure I'm ready for you to be so big. Love you, cuddle buggie.

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