Thursday, February 3, 2011

what? I'm so not obsessed.

My kiddo has huge feet.

When he was born, we had all these 0-3 socks. Nope, those were all too small, laughable, really, in size. 3-6 fit, but barely. 6-9 was only a little big. It's no wonder those feet left such a large bulge across half of my tummy when he stretched. He was so skinny when he was born, his skin all wrinkled like it was just waiting to be filled out. His feet were kinda the same way. Narrow but oh so long.

I'm rather obsessed with my son's baby toes.  He's got such gorgeous feet. They crack me up the way they curl up or try to grip my finger when I run my finger up their soles. They jerk around when I tickle them with a nail, and G cackles when I nibble on the toes.

We bought G some socks for Christmas. (It's a bit of a family tradition to put socks in the stocking.) I bought 12-18 month, thinking maybe he'd wear them a bit later. Yeah, those socks fit him now. In fact, they're a little snug. He might have a tiny bit of room in length, but they're definitely snug around. Not only does my son have long feet, he now also has chub-chub feet. They're so squishy! After he nurses, I often sit him up in my lap, with him leaning against my chest, put his feet in my hands, and squish the tops of them. Oh how they slay me with cuteness.

I'm on the hunt for some soft-soled shoes for him to wear to his 8 month photoshoot next Saturday. We did a bit of measuring to see what size he'd wear and he fit into a size 3 with a little room to grow. Dude, what big feet you have, G!

Yeah, so my tiny baby who's not so tiny anymore is turning 8 months tomorrow. sniff sniff

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