Monday, February 28, 2011

nekkid baby!

Poor G has been extra drool-tastic lately (are those teeth EVER going to appear??) and his cheeks have not been happy about it. We finally put some antibiotic ointment on them last night. They were much better today, less red, so I think one more night of that stuff and they'll be more back to normal. We've been putting some other baby skin cream on during the day. But when I took these pictures, they were looking rough. It doesn't help that he sleeps mostly on his stomach now, often with his face planted on the sheets.

Also, when did he grow that belly? He's always been up there in his stats, but he's been rather slender due to his height. But he's gotten a bit of a chubchub tummy in the last week. I love to pinch it and laugh when he sucks in his gut.

My kiddo has the longest torso ever. Nom that Yo Gabba Gabba bath toy, G! Bring in those teethies!

He's had this swirl on the back of his head ever since he was born. I'm in love with it.

Nom nom nom.

Hi, Daddy!

He's such a happy baby. It's so easy to make him laugh now.

He loves this pillow omg. He thinks face-planting into it is the best thing ever.

Still not a fan of tummy time, even though he now sleeps most of the night on his tummy. He's much more tolerant of it now, though (i.e. he doesn't immediately burst into tears). He can push his whole tummy off the floor now. I think in the next month he'll manage to get his knees underneath him with too much trouble.

Yeah, still not a fan.

My baby turns 9 months old on Friday. I'm trying not to freak out about it!

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