Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oh my poor car

So yesterday I got in a car wreck.

I'm still kinda pissed about it.

Well, no "kinda" about it - I'm still pissed.

I was having lunch with my dad, my first lunch with him in the new year and my first lunch with G without the hubs. I was excited to stretch my ability to go out and about with G by myself and involve eating. I saw Applebee's up ahead, so I turned right into the parking lot. I go forward, and soon my dad cries out, and I see a large SUV's butt backing into me.

It was way too fast for me to do anything but try to pull to the left a little, but of course there wasn't much room. She hit me in the front right side of my car. I heard a loud crunch and my car rocked sideways.

I was kinda stunned, so we sat there for a moment. The woman got out of her car and ran over, immediately apologizing. Dad said to get out of the way with the car, so I pulled into a nearby parking spot and got out to check on G. He was just looking around, sucking on his paci like nothing was wrong. He didn't even seem alarmed. I kept checking on him during the process of taking pictures and exchanging info, but he was perfectly fine the whole time.

Anyway, I didn't call the police to handle it the way that I should have. My dad though the law was different in Tennessee than it was, and I really should've stood my ground about it. The wreck was obviously the woman's fault for not pulling out slower than she did, so I'm hoping her insurance will cover it. Her vehicle only had a few scratches, while mine now looks like this:

My poor red baby. Hmm, I think that tire needs a little air.

Due to the way she dented in my door, my passenger side door won't open more than a foot. It'll probably end up being a pretty expensive fix due to all the dents and paint. Who knows, but my car's only worth $5000, so we're looking at a fix that'll be a good portion of that.

And I have to hope the lady was honest with her insurance. I'm worried they'll convince her to not admit fault, even though she said that it was her fault over and over. And my insurance guy was a jerk about the fact that I didn't call the police. Not really what I wanted to hear. I felt bad enough as is.

Rar, the whole thing just boils my blood.

At least G's fine and the car is drivable. I'll contact the insurance company tomorrow to see what's up. Hoping for the best!

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