Saturday, February 19, 2011

g's 8-month professional pics

A week ago we met up with Chris and Adrienne Scott, our FAV photographers. They're fantastic peeps, and we always have a blast with them. They've now done our engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, 4 month, and 8 month photos.

I think they're kinda stalking us.

Unlike our 4-month photo session which involved a bit of a meltdown (G was kinda terrified of the loud noises the leaves made), this session went as smooth as butter. And just as tasty. God, I miss dairy.

Anyway, Grayson's so comfortable around Chris and Adrienne that we got tons of gorgeous shots of him. I seriously don't know how we'll pick which ones we want to put up on the wall, but I know we'll be choosing a whole bunch of them. I tried to narrow it down to some of my favorite to share, but still this post is definitely photo heavy.

The obligatory baby-in-the-chair photo shoot. We've done a specific shot (not this one) of G in his rocking chair since he was a newborn. Once we get one at his year photo session, I'll post the whole spread. Really excited about that going on the wall. Totally cuteness.

I had Adrienne take a few of me breastfeeding. G was really distracted by all the hub-bub, so I'm afraid she probably got an eye-full of nip. Whoops! But I'm looking to end it in less than two months, so I'm trying to take as many shots as possible to remember those moments by.

He does this thing where he sucks in his bottom lip. This face just slays me. I melt.

The hubs will hold G upside down, and G will look around and study what things look like from the different angle. Too funny. It doesn't bother him at all.

There was this gorgeous blue bench. G kept grabbing onto it behind him, which made for some baby modeling.

 Big line of drool headed for Dave's head! haha, the cost of having a teething baby on your shoulders.

He could get away with a lot with that smile.

If you're in the Nashville area (and even if you're not - they love to travel!), check out Chris and Adrienne for almost any kind of photo session you're needing. We super <3 them!

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