Wednesday, October 27, 2010

move, baby, move

G is becoming increasingly frustrated by his lack of mobility. He wants to do all these bigger baby things, but just simply can't. But yet he knows that he can do them with assistance, so he'll often fuss until we help him out. It would be too cute if my arms and back weren't so sore from holding up the chub chub that is my baby.

Standing: G's been standing without support pretty much since the day after his two-month doctor's appointment. The pedi was testing him out developmentally and we were amazed at the fact he could stand so well. We asked her about it and she had no problem with us helping him stand all the time. Since we started, it's become one of G's favorite things to do. If nothing else will calm him down, standing often will. He just gets this look of delight on his face.

Sitting: In the past week or so, G has realized that lifting his head foward = sitting up. He does this any time he's reclining back. On our laps. In the car seat (really disturbing). In the bathtub. He'll lift up his legs like he's putting himself in a sitting position and lift up his head and shoulders. We took a pic of him in the bath because it's really just too funny to see. He looks so silly with his head and feet in the air. But he'll hold like that for almost the entire bath time. Abs of steel my baby has.

I'd help him learn how to sit up more. But anytime I try to help him practice, such as putting him on the floor with a pillow behind him, he stiffens his legs and tries to stand. I guess he'll just sit when he's ready to. Or when he wants to. Such as in the bathtub.

Rolling: G can roll from belly to back and has for a month or so. Sometimes he forgets that he can, especially when he's pissed about tummy time. He's trying to roll from back to belly by arching his back and digging in his heels, but I think it'll be a while before he accomplishes that.

Crawling: So not going to happen anytime soon. Maybe he'll just skip it. I think he'd rather because he hates being on his tummy so much. After about five minutes, he totally freaks. He'll flop around on his belly like a fish. And forget it if he tries to put a hand in his mouth while on his tummy and then falls over. He hates that.

Yesterday, he scooted himself off his mat by a couple of feet while we were in the kitchen eating. He's getting great at digging those heels in. So maybe I'll have a kid who can sit and stand and scoot around on his back. But not crawl. Because that's so being a baby.

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