Friday, December 17, 2010

grayson says... nom nom nom

Mama, my hands just aren't doing it for me. I wanna nom something else. Who cares that I'm not showing any signs on my gums that I'm teething. Gimme something to chew!

Let's see... There's gotta be something around here. Okay, big orange thing, I try to put you in my mouth, but you're just too low.

I mean, I like to grab at you and all. But that's about it. Sorries.

What about you, spinny thingy? Nah, I can't even grab you.

Hmm, purple star thingy?

Hey Mama, what about this?

No? Okay, movin' on. Sigh.

What about sunshine? I think I sometimes like to mouth the top of this thingy?

Or how about fishy? Oh wait, every time I try to bend down and eat fishy, I hit my nose on something in the way. I just can't figure that out. Why can't I nom fishy?

Come on, Mama, I'm getting desperate here. Can I chew on your finger, maybe?

Oh wait, what's this..?


YAY! I found my nom-toy!

NOM nom nom nom nomnomonom. Slobber slobber droooool.

What, mama? Can't a baby nom in peace?

(And yes, he really much prefers to eat the side of the cup rather than the teethers attached to it. Weirdo.)

1 comment:

  1. Super adorable pictures of G, as always. And in the last one it's like he's saying, "Seriously, mom. I'm REALLY busy right now."


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