Friday, January 7, 2011

10 Things of the New Year

What have I been up to the first week of 2011? Nothing terribly exciting, I'm afraid. Really, you can't even tell that it's all that different from 2010.

1. The hubs and I celebrated our second anniversary by going out to a quick dinner. I had filet mignon. He had fries drenched in cheese and bacon. All was well.

2. I had to adjust to the hubs going back to work on Monday. It's just been g and I during the day. I'm more exhausted than when I have Dave to help me out, but I love having g all to myself. We've been having a grand time.

3. Dealing with g's refusal of sleep. He fights naps, even on teh boob. He wakes up more during the night than he has in a long time. It's rather exhausting. I'm just not in the mood to wake up to my seven-month-old happy-screaming through the monitor at 3 am.

4. On the plus side, G has learned how to pitch himself forward while sitting to grab onto a toy or onto us. It seems like a precursor to what might eventually be something mimicking crawling. Maybe. In any case, he's often successful at grabbing said toy. Sometimes he falls down a lot. Onto his face. He doesn't seem to mind, though, as he's fantastic at rolling back onto his back.

5. He's also wrapping his arms around our necks and smooshing his face into our faces/necks/chests/shoulders. I can't figure out if he's trying to kiss/hug me or eat my face off.

6. We took G swinging for the first time. It looked something like this:
He rather liked it, as I thought he would. This is the kid who loves for his daddy to jostle him about. He's going to love some wrestling later on, I can tell. He was all smiles. (And yes, my kid is not wearing socks outside in January. It was really warm that day!)

7. I started a reading challenge. You can follow the progress here. I didn't really like any of the other reading challenges I'd heard about, so I made my own. My goal is to read all of the Newbery Award winners of each year since the year I was born. 30 (counting this year's winner) middle grade books in a year. I can totally do that. I think.

8. I go back to work on Monday. BOO, HISS. I'm mostly prepared, though I need to finish my second syllabus this weekend. I'm teaching three classes, which is one more than last semester. Teaching a full load (and finding the time to grade) while watching after G almost full time is going to be difficult. I can totally do this too! ...Maybe.

9. Lots of daydreaming is happening around here. About the summer with a one-year-old and oh, all the things I want to do with him. About the beach of Gulf Shores and my cousin's wedding in Miami. Flying with G for the first time. Dipping his toes in the ocean for the first time! Going to the pool. Getting his own kiddie pool. Going to the park and zoo. Is it Spring yet? It really needs to warm up around here already. I'm done with this winter business. My baby needs to go outside!

10. Okay, ten. Let's see. We're taking G to a restaurant for the first time tomorrow. Oh my gosh wish us luck.

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