Saturday, January 15, 2011

rub a dub dub

I love bathtime. The hubs and I switch off on who gets to bathe the little one. He's still kind of wobbly sitting up in his whale tub, but we switched a few weeks ago when he was bathing the kitchen with dirty water by kicking his feet like crazy.

I love it anyway, though. He's a bit fussy in the evenings, in the moments before bedtime when it's been three hours since he last slept and he's rubbing those dark brown eyes. But once you start taking off his clothes, it's like he just knows what's up. More importantly, you're not putting any clothes back on (he hates that), and he loves nekkid time.

So he's sitting up like a big boy now. He'll grab onto the edges of his tub. The first day, he learned all kinds of new physics as he tried to grab at toys floating on the top of the water. I think he got frustrated because he doesn't grab at much anymore, except the washcloth. The washcloth as always been his favorite. I don't let him suck on it after the water's gotten kinda gross, but he wants it so bad. He also seems fascinated by his own naked body. It's not like he sees it all that often, and certainly not much beyond his toes when he was leaning back on the other side of the whale tub.

Then it's all suds and washy washy. It goes pretty quick because, well, even though he's in the top percentiles, he's still a tiny baby. He's fascinated with the water.
We grab a hoodie towel and pull him out of the tub. It's weird to see him standing there, so little on the bathroom rug, leaving tiny wet baby footprints on the cloth. I just died the first time I saw those after his bath. He's a bit unamused by the hoodie. Those chub cheeks in the first pic below just kill me. It's a wonder I can ever stop kissing his face.
After a quick drying so he's not cold and dripping, he's taken back to his room next door for a more thorough toweling off. I don't know why, but he just loves this part. He's all squeals. The bath makes him hyper, though he'll crash and be ready for boob and bed by the time he's in his pjs.

We have to make sure to dry in his neck folds as good as possible to prevent rash.
He doesn't have the bright blue of many babies, but he has the most gorgeous eyes. They're a deep, dark brown, framed by long black lashes. I could gaze into those eyes all day long. Often after he wakes from a nap, he'll just want to watch my face. I'll softly chat to him, and he'll reach up to run his fingers through my hair or touch my mouth and face.
Of course, one of his favorite things to do when his clothes (especially pants) are off is pull his feet into his mouth. I think he finds pants too constricting. Open mouth, insert foot.
Oh my, gorgeous baby. Give me that look, and you will get away with many things in life.


  1. The quality of these images is fantastic! And I'm SO glad you're taking the time to take photos of the little things that you'll always remember!

  2. Thankie! I'm slowly learning how to use my camera. :)


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