Sunday, September 4, 2011

15 months! holy moly

Dear Grayson,

You are 15 months old today! The further you get from one year, the more of a toddler you become. You've learned so many new skills in the past three months. You went from walking a little to just about running all over the place. You can get up from one knee just like an adult. Yesterday, you learned how to walk backwards, so you were doing that a lot today. It's hilarious to watch. You can go up the first couple of stairs by yourself by holding onto the railing, and you love to try to feed yourself with a spoon or fork loaded with food.

You're still a bit behind in your language, but you understand a lot. You say "moo" when I ask you what cows say, and you'll pat your stomach when we ask you where your tummy is. You know what stairs and books are. Today, you looked for your monkey pillow, Bafufo, and brought him to me when I asked. You'll press your face against my cheek when I ask for a kiss.

We stopped breastfeeding around two months ago, and you've done just fine. You don't even seem to remember it, which sometimes makes me so sad to think about. But I know it's all in the process of growing up, and it won't be the only thing I'll miss when you're older. You love your milk, so that makes things easier. You love green beans, sweet potatoes, meatballs, quesadillas, grilled cheese, yogurt, and all sorts of other foods. You are definitely kinda picky, but we keep trying stuff to see what you'll eat.

We joined a baby gym, and you've grown a lot in your physical skills. You'll crawl all over the playground equipment. You hated their giant parachute at first, but now you love it. Bubbles fascinate you. I love seeing you interact with the other kids. Sometimes you reach for their faces and you're so gentle with them. I hope you'll always been cuddly and gentle like this.

You cut at least one more tooth since you were 12 months old. You now have 8 teeth, all 4 on top and bottom! Now we're just waiting on the incisors and first molars - yay!

You're now just getting over your first real cold. It's lasted a week, so it's kind of dragging on a bit. I caught it from you too, but your Daddy just got a little of it. Your sleep has been horrible, but you slept from 7:30 - 5:30 last night, so that's great! Speaking of sleep, you started sleeping through the night soon after you turned one, and we've been so happy about that! Now, if you wake, it's usually very quickly for a paci. We're going to get rid of the paci soon after our trip to Miami, but for now we're letting you keep it for naps and nighttime. I'm so happy you finally started sleeping through the night.

I have some pics to post of you later this week, but for now, here are a few phone pics taken of you in the past couple of days.

You love your books! You'll sit for quite a while by yourself and flip through them.

You love these drumsticks. You'll bang on anything we let you.

Love these piggy toes!

This baby laptop sometimes distracts you from trying to get to ours.

Another favorite toy. You're learning to bang with the hammer instead of just pushing buttons with a finger.

Mmm, graham cracker.

You and Mommy

Love you, snuggabug!

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  1. He's beautiful! My little man is 14m and is learning so much. They grow up so fast don't they?


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