Friday, November 4, 2011

ahoy thar, 17 months!

My baby is almost a year and a half old. gasp. Okay, I can't even say he's my baby anymore. He's far more toddler in the way he moves and the way he behaves.

Grayson, you are growing up so fast. I know everyone says that about their kids, but you really are. In the past month alone you have grown in the way you move and the way you interact with us.

You laugh so much about every little thing that seems to strike your funny bone. I love the way your eyes crinkle up and the way you stick your arms out when you're really excited. You love if we chase you around the room or play hide-n-seek. You're so generous, giving us things all of the time. You love to push buttons, read your books - with or without us - and climb anything you can.

Speaking of climbing, you're absolutely obsessed with stairs. When we ask if you want to go upstairs, you take off running and wait patiently for us to open the baby gate. You can climb our stairs all by yourself, though you still need help going back down. At playgrounds, all you want to do is go up and down stairs. (You do enjoy the slides if I make you go down one, and of course, you've always loved to swing.) You're close to being able to climb up on the couch by yourself - I'm not looking forward to that! Okay, so since I wrote that part this morning, you climbed up on the couch all by yourself this afternoon! Twice! Oh lordy.

You've stepped more into the tantrum phase of life now. When you're in a really bad mood, you'll scream and pitch yourself to the floor. Usually, your tantrums are over quickly, and you're still easily distracted. You've definitely discovered anger and how to express it - you'll ball up your little hands and yell. Lately, if you don't want to do something, you'll start shaking your head and babbling up a storm. It cracks us up so much, but I do appreciate that you're trying to communicate without making such a fuss.

You're still not saying any words besides "moo." But you understand a lot of what we say. You can point to your nose, head, hair, eyes, tummy, belly button, and feet. You're obsessed with pointing. You point at anything and everything all of the time, usually with a grunt. You know where your milk is kept, where your snacks are, and that you need a bib on first. You're starting to try more foods, though you can still be very picky. You just know what you like and what you don't!

You cut three molars in the past couple of weeks. I'll be happy when that's done, but I guess then we have to get through the fangs and then the second set of molars. Being a toddler is rough stuff.

You're just such a fascinating little person, G. I love you so stinkin' much. The pics below, taken from your bath tonight, show so much of your character.

My name is Grayson, and I have something to say.

Would you like a block?

How about a splash to the face?

Oh, okay. How about I just sit here and look cute?

How can you not want to just squish his cheeks together and kiss his little nose? Gah, I just die of cute.

I can't wait for the upcoming months, G, especially to see your face light up during Christmas. I love you so much!


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