Wednesday, November 23, 2011

on the eve of Thanksgiving

We headed down to Florence, Alabama this morning, where my parents and most of my mom's family lives. These next three days will be eagerly packed with food and family - the best possible aspects of the holidays, in my opinion.

Of course, it'll be difficult for this Thanksgiving - or any Thanksgiving, for that matter - to surpass last year's family smorgasbord of craziness where my parents' house was filled to the top with family.

But still, it's the first step of the holidays, which makes me see twinkling lights in my head wherever I go or hum Christmas carols. I have a Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer CD waiting for me when we get back home. I'm going to play it on repeat as we decorate the house. And no, I won't feel sorry for my husband, one bit.

Today, we drove the 2 hours and 15 minutes to Flo-town. Our first stop was my grandparents' house to hang out for the rest of the day until my mom got off work. Having to work the day before Thanksgiving? A tragedy. (Though I suppose it's way worse to have to work on Thanksgiving or the dreaded day of death Black Friday after Thanksgiving.)

These are my mom's parents, the grandparents I spent most of my childhood living next to. I literally had the steps memorized that took me to their front porch from my front porch, and I could leap the distance in about 10 seconds. They really were my second parents growing up, and I'm so thrilled that G loves them as much as I do.

How cute are they, right?

Pa-Paw (or as I like to call him now - The Great Pa-Paw) has been dying to get G on his lawnmower - blades turned off, of course. He's driven every child and grandchild on the thing. I knew it wouldn't go over well, G having an aversion to loud noises and such. But we went with it.

I don't think G cried. But he certainly wanted off and fast. This is the best pic I took where he didn't have a oh HELL no face.

G is literally standing in what was my back yard as a kid. Our trailer is no longer there, but this still blows my mind.

G doesn't really like to hold hands unless he's unsure about a situation. But he held Pa-Paw's hand from here and back to the house. So stinkin' cute.

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving.

Saturday, I turn toward Christmas. I guess that means I should start some shopping. Though you won't catch me in a mall for at least another week or so!

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