Thursday, March 22, 2012

outside, outside, outside, everybody, outside!

You know, I keep getting asked when I'm finally going to cut my boy's hair. I think some dirty looks aimed at my husband has silenced the talk on this side of the fence. However, I usually just point out the obvious: you really want me to get rid of those curls? I mean, curls, people. I love the way they curl around his ears and spiral in the back.

As God as my witness, I'll wait as long as possible before cutting G's hair!


Last weekend, we went to visit my family in Alabama. G freakin' loves my mama, which makes my heart go pitter-patter.

G decided that tunnels were da bomb after I crawled through this one. After that, he's attacked every tunnel with gusto. We're heading to baby gym in the morning, so we'll see if his new-found appreciation of tunnels continues.

The weekend was so nice and hot, so we headed out to several parks. G has been whining to go outside a lot this week. I'm guessing he got spoiled with all the outdoor time. I wish not for the last time that we had a decent backyard. Heck, I wish we had any backyard instead of the steep hill of death out back.

This pic of the two of us cracks me up. He was pointing and jabbering at the fountains, and I look like I'm very focused on explaining that he can't walk across the water to check them out. Seriously, he pitched the biggest fit when the hubs wouldn't let him leap into the water.

Oh, did I mention the hand-holding? My baby has decided that it's okay to hold our hand, and he'll hold it often and for lengthy periods of time. My kiddo will finally hold my hand in a parking lot! Or just for fun! It's all kinds of awesome.

Yeah, he wanted to dive off into that water, too.

This is my mum and grandmother (her mum). Cute, yes? It's not the first time I've taken their picture together on this little train that travels throughout the park. I'm aiming to get one every year.

G enjoyed the train much more this time around.

And we, being the grown-ups we are, road the roller coaster! If I can't be pregnant, I might as well have fun, right? Of course right!

G was very focused on that roller coaster.

More hand-holding and tunnels at another park!

He's also become more obsessed with swinging. We went to the zoo yesterday and he literally swung for 30 minutes like whoa. My arm was about to fall off.

All in all, a grand weekend. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to town for some soccer games this weekend, and I'm looking forward to hanging out. Keeping myself busy is the best medicine right now!


  1. Oh don’t feel bad -- we got plenty of dirty looks before we finally broke down and cut out daughter’s hair. For everyone who wanted us to cut it, there was someone who told us we can’t! lol… I agree, those curls are too cute to chop off yet. :-)

    1. I still maintain that I will only cut his hair after he can't see anymore. Muaha.

  2. I am with you on the no hair cut wagon. If I can swing it D won't get one till he is 2! I love all these shots and the smiles...even Dave's smile (would it kill you to show some teeth!!!)

    May joys take care of your sorrows, we send our love!

    Oh!! I am plotting a course that way, if I can swing it. Would go over the moon to see you 3!


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