Thursday, April 5, 2012

22 months, 2 more until 2!

Dear G,

You are 22 months old as of yesterday! Only two months to do until your second birthday. We are very excited to celebrate, and your mama has already been planning like a crazy lady.

More and more you're acting like a toddler rather than a baby. We get treated to a tantrum probably at least once a day as you try to figure out how to express your anger or disappointment over something. Sometimes we just leave the room, sometimes I try to talk to you. You kept throwing blocks at me, so I finally had to put you in your first time-out. You cried and cried until I went and got you a couple minutes later. But, well, you haven't thrown a block at me since! We're still wading our way through these bursts of tantrum as we figure out how to deal with them together.

Even though you're starting to show those terrible twos, you are more affectionate than ever. You give hugs and kisses all of the time. You love to sit on my lap facing me, put your little hands on either side of my face, and kisses me several times in a row. Sometimes, when we are reading a book or playing with blocks, you'll randomly stop, smile at me, and lean in for a kiss. My heart just melts. You love to run across the room and dive into us - I love it!

You still aren't talking. You seem to use "dada" and "mama" with more purpose, and we think you might have said "biok" for "block" this morning but that's it so far. Depending on how you do over the next two moths, Early Intervention is pretty sure you'll qualify when you hit two. You learned some more signs, so now you know mommy, daddy, more, all done, book, milk, and diaper. We're also working on the sign for water. I'm trying not to feel too upset that you aren't talking. I know it'll happen eventually, but it's difficult to not feel responsible for your delay.

I still feel for you on the playground. We're trying to make an effort to get you to socialize with more kids your age because you definitely seem out of sorts with them. You try to play with the adults at Gymboree but pretty much ignore the other toddlers. I want you to gain more confidence, but I also know that you've always been one to think first, act second in new situations.

You're just a joy to be around, G.

(oh, and we totally still haven't cut your hair. maybe we can at least make it to two years?)



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