Friday, May 11, 2012

friday brain dump - look out below!

  1. I'm PMSing like whoa right now. This doesn't give me much hope for getting pregnant this cycle. It's only our first time trying after the miscarriage, but I was hopeful for that January baby. Plus, the thought of having a baby with a due date the same month as my miscarriage (February) gives me fits. Anyway, I'm sad at the thought that I have to wait another month for another chance at baby #3. And the closer we get to baby #2's August 15th due date, the more depressed and hopefully about the whole thing I become.
  2. I'm wrist-deep in planning for G's second birthday. This at least gives me something on which to focus in these couple of weeks of nothing I have. Invitations are going out today. Once they do, I'll post the invite here so you can see it! All I have left to do now is plan the food.
  3. I'm currently a few chapters into Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent by Veronica Roth. I really loved the first book, so I'm hoping the sequel measures up. So far, it's good but not fantastic because the pace is kinda slow. I hope it picks up soon.
  4. I'm bumming out right now about all sorts of stuff (see #1 above for maybe the reasons why). Maybe it's because my life is so in limbo and shifting right now. I have so much want in my heart right now and nothing seems to be getting fulfilled. I'm so bad about reaching out to people when I need something. Except for my Mom and the hubs, who take the brunt of my whining and neediness. And Michael, who will always pick up the phone to listen to me bitch but who's halfway across the country.
  5. Meh. Gosh, I'm boring right now. Cute pictures of my kid tomorrow.

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