Tuesday, May 8, 2012

grayson says: oh HECK no

Grayson says,

My parental units have decided it's time for me to experience new things in life. I don't really like the word new unless it's "new book" or "new set of blocks." New + toy = awesome. New + water = I hate you, parental units.

I am very, very unamused by the new thing they wanted me to try this past weekend. It was large and wet and cold. It sprayed water all over the place. And did I mention it was wet?

Mama tried to convince me by pointing that this water spraying thing was awesome.

I showed her by pointing just what I thought about this new idea. Mama, go that way!

Get me outta here! I mean it!

Granma got me a nice fluffy towel to dry off from the torture. I appreciated that.

I really liked the towel. In fact, it was quite tasty.

I did overhear the parental units talking about making me try out this water spraying thing again later in the summer. Again. What's wrong with them? Didn't I make myself clear this time?

Until we meet again, water spraying thing.

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