Wednesday, May 16, 2012

not so wordless wednesday: melting pot o' tasty

Tonight, the hubs and I had date night.

(Or, as I say it in my head, daaaaaaate niiiiiiiiiight.)

We went here in downtown Nashville:

And ate lots of cheese and lots other tasty and spicy food, and also this:

A dark and white pot of ooey gooey sinfully good chocolate. Who knew marshmallows could taste so good? My toes were curling with the pleasure of it.

Not a feast for any ol' occasion due to the price, but we were celebrating a belated Mother's Day out, so why not? We have a lot to celebrate right now, and shoving large amounts of cheese and chocolate into my mouth was the perfect way to do so.

And, omg, we stayed out until 8:30pm and it felt late! We are so freakin' old.

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