Sunday, May 6, 2012

portrait of a boy

Mom wanted some paintings made by Grayson the artist, so we had a little painting session with G yesterday afternoon. Afterward, since we only had 30 or so minutes to kill before bedtime, we let him run around in only a diaper.

I'm honestly not a huge fan of letting my kid hang out in only a diaper. That's just my own parenting style - I feel like he needs something on top and bottom. When he was a baby, we'd dress him in only a onesie, but now that he's more of a little kid than a baby, I prefer to keep him in a shirt and pants or shorts.

But a little nekkid time is fun for everyone. I followed him into my parents' living room, where he crouched down to play with some toys before bed. I started making weird noises to try to get him to at least acknowledge that I was there.

Woohoo, Graaaaysooon. I know you can hear me.

Oh yes, cutie. I'm afraid you're starting to realize that your mama has a soft spot for that face.

We're pretty sure he's cutting at least one of his two-year molars. He's been drooling like mad and rubbing that tongue across his mouth.

I could kiss these chub-chub cheeks all day long. I'm lucky that he lets me most of the time without protest. And even, a lot of the time, he'll lean in for another smack.

I just love his hair, those curls that bounce when he runs around.

But oh, the best part is that smile of his. Dave was standing behind me and did something that really tickled his funny bone.

You see that smile, hear that laugh, and for a moment, all of your worries melt away.


  1. Oh my goodness - so adorable! I love that last pic!



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