Thursday, May 31, 2012

trudging right along over here

6 weeks today, baby!

Okay, I'm not gonna do those pregnancy lists every week, because gosh, that would get boring, yes? I swear I look 12 weeks pregnant in the above photo but most of that is just gut and bloat.

We're pretty sure that G does indeed have hand, foot, mouth disease. He's got some bumps on his feet and hands. That would explain his nasty attitude on Monday and that high fever, plus his complete lack of appetite for a few days. He ate lunch today for the first time since Sunday! He's doing much better today, by the way. No fever, good appetite. Pretty much back to normal except the bumps on his feet and hands. It does mean we had to postpone his birthday party to next Saturday. Insert sad face.

I contacted my OB since everything I read said you should if you come into contact with someone with HFM. They immediately asked me to come in to test my beta levels and to test me for HFM immunity. Of course, I immediately started freaking out. What if my beta levels weren't high enough? What if I get HFM from G?

I heard back from my doc's nurse this afternoon and my beta levels were at 5500! Which is perfect for 5 weeks 6 days. Since they're up, my doctor wants to bump up my first ultrasound to next Wednesday instead of the 19th like it was originally scheduled. I'm not really sure if this bump is due to the HFM scare or my previous miscarriage, but hey, I get to see the little bean two weeks earlier, so why not?

I know seeing the little one's heart beating fast on that ultrasound will only settle my fears a little. We did make it to 14 weeks with baby #2 after all. But I can't wait to see that tiny muscle pumping away, a stark contrast to the motionless body we last saw in February.

By the way, G completely face-planted into a kitchen cabinet this evening. He has a huge bruise on his cheek, and a bit of a bruise next to his eye and on his forehead. Poor kid can't catch a break. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow for show 'n' tell. I swear toddlers are the toughest little buggers ever. He cried for a few minutes but it never bothered him again. If I slammed into a cabinet, I'd probably be bitching about it for days afterward.

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