Tuesday, June 26, 2012

wild-haired little man

Grayson says,

Hey, mama, I'm up from my nap. Why are you laughing at me?

My hair is crazy, isn't it?

I need to distract you from the crazy. Look, what's up there??

That worked, right?

Sniff, sniff. Why must you make fun of my hair, mama?

Oh, how I long to be able to retain my toddler dignity.

Just get me out of this crib already. Stop taking pictures!

Aw, crud. Looking down just let you get a great angle of my hair, didn't it?

How about you put down the camera if I say "cheese" for the first time?


One more time for some extra cuteness? I'll try the "ch" sound a bit more.


Um, mama. Enough with the hugs 'n' kisses. You're gonna make me say "cheese" for the rest of the day, aren't you? Okay, but only if it doesn't involve the camera!

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