Monday, October 18, 2010

happy 33rd to the hubs!

The hubs celebrated still being older than me by...

not changing any (okay, many) diapers

working out in the back yard cutting down little trees (what he wanted. seriously.)

taking G to the zoo for some father/son bonding (where G had a giant poop. ah-ha.)

eating chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting (which were dairy-free! yay!)

getting Titans tickets for December (from me and G)

working on a cabinet he's building in the garage (he's weird like that)

eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant (mmm, margaritas)

now staying up late and watching the Titans game (I'm up for another hour - that's all I've promised!)

All in all, a rather nice birthday, methinks. And yes, Grayson's wearing a "My Dad Rocks" onesie. We're generally against mum and dad stuff on kiddie clothing, but this one seemed appropriate for the day. Showing some daddy love.

In G news, he was really working on the baby belly giggle today. Not quite there, but almost. So cute.

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