Monday, October 4, 2010

happy 4 month, cuddlebug

Dear Grayson,

I can't believe you are four months old today. You've gotten so big. At the doctor this morning, you weighed 16.1 pounds (75%) and you were 25 1/8 inches tall (50%). You amazed the doc with how well you hold your head up and how much weight you put on yours legs. However, you're not grabbing at toys yet. No concern, since you're at or above all of your other milestones. I cried again when you got your shots. I'll probably always cry. Your face got so red.

Last week, you showed me that you can roll the other way from belly to back. So now you roll both ways. I think it starts you because the make the funniest faces. But I cheer and clap, and you give the biggest grins. You haven't rolled from your back yet, but you're getting the idea. You jam that heel into the floor and arch your back. It's only a matter of time with that one.

We can start you on cereal now, but I think we're going to wait another month or so until you show more interest. You love to watch us eat, but you're not giving any indication that you want it. You're not teething yet, but you love to suck on anything that gets near your mouth: your hands, a washcloth (especially if it's wet), mama's shoulder...

You still hate the careseat, though you're tolerating it more and more. We bought you a few toys to hang from the handle, and you seem to like those a lot. You still love your bouncy chair and play mat. I can get you to stop fussing by turning on buggie bug that plays music. You love if I kiss your feet or belly. You still love to nurse a lot, even when you're not hungry, and you've started to lean back and stare up at me. I can't help but smile down at you, which makes you smile around the nipple in your mouth. Too cute.

You're a difficult napper, preferring to nap on the boob. Daddy can get you to nap in the bouncy seat if you're swaddled. You sleep great at night, though. Last night you slept from 8-5! We put you in your own room and crib a few days ago, and that seems to be more difficult for us than for you. We have a video monitor so we can spy on you during the night - muaha.

I love watching you grow and change. You're a fantastic baby who loves to talk and interact with us. You'd prefer to chat with us than stare at a toy.

Happy birthday, my babycake.

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