Sunday, October 17, 2010

off to the zoo wit ya

We love our local zoo. It's rather small, only taking a few hours to go through the whole of it. But for $55 we get a year-long pass for the three of us. Plus, since it's only five minutes up the road, it becomes our park of choice. Not only do we get the benefit of seeing animals, it also gives us a wonderful place to wheel G out and about. There's a large playground for when he gets bigger, and they do yearly events and such for kids.

Right now they're doing a Halloween thing. They had booths set up where you could earn treats, a hay ride, spooky maze, and other stuff that I can't wait to share with G when he's older. There's a lot I can't wait to do with him once he's big enough to run around.

Like usual, he was asleep by the time we got there, being at the beginning of his nap time. But the gibbons were wide awake and staking their territorial claim by being very loud. G woke up, eyes huge, wondering what the crap those noises were. So he spent most of our trek through the zoo awake this time.

He rather likes the Asian part of the zoo, where we decided to spend most of time. There's lots of bamboo to look at, especially when it arches over the path. And he goes rather nuts for anything that hangs overhead. He kept going wide-eyed at the bamboo, but refused to stay like that long enough for me to get a pic. Here he just looks content.

After we walked around a bit, we headed to the big grassy area on the way to the elephants. It's a fantastic place to take pictures. Dave hoisted G up in the air. Every time he did, G let out a big "heh" and had a huge grin on his face. We just doubled over with laughter. What a funny baby.

G can be so serious, staying off into the distance like he's just soaking everything up and storing it away for life.

And then he does something so freakin' funny, like turning his head to the side and trying to lick the edge of his hoodie. Oh yeah, I'm reminded, you're a baby, not a one-year-old whose wanting to stand all day long (seriously, he does).

You, my baby boy, are just too cute for words.

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