Sunday, October 10, 2010

they injected me with a cold!

Dave and I both went to Target and got the flu vaccine yesterday. I'd gotten both the regular shot and H1N1 shot while pregnant and came out the other side with just a sore arm. This year's shot is a combo. Great, I thought, at least I only have to get one shot. Except apparently this one is more potent. Not only did I get a sore arm, but I also have several symptoms of a cold.

Poor Dave got it even worse. His eyes are soo red.

I'm not very amused by this turn of events. I mean, I'd happily get the vaccine to help prevent my kid from getting the flu, but I certainly didn't want to feign a cold in the process.

It doesn't help that Grayson is still waking up an unusual amount of times in a night.

What's up with that, baby g?

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