Saturday, October 9, 2010

vaccination station

I am NOT a fan of vaccines. Well, I'm a fan of the properties of vaccines. They do, after all, help prevent my babycake from getting sick. The hubs and I debated the issue of vaccines and decided to just do the recommended schedule for them.

It breaks my heart, though, to watch G go through them. He lays there on the doctor's table, looking around. The nurse jabs the first shot into his thigh, and his face immediately turns red, and he wails at the tops of his lungs. Zero to screaming in less than a second. For his four month shots, it took a bit longer to get him to quiet down. I nursed him right after, but he kept breaking away to cry again. Finally, he settled down and nursed until sleeping, and slept all the way home and then some.

Poor baby!

All in all, though, he handles them really well. This time he ran a slight fever of 101. We gave him Tylenol when it seemed like his legs were hurting. Mainly he just wants to lay around and hang out. He had no interest in the toys attached to his play mat. I sat with him and we chatted a good bit. He seemed in pretty good spirits once his Tylenol kicked in, smiling sedately a lot. Really just wanted to watch me talk and eat and kiss his toes.

He did get the cutest fever-flush to his face.

At least he won't have to have any more until December, when he gets his sixth month ones. And then a few weeks later he'll get a flu shot.

I suspect shots are just the first of many things we'll say are "for your own good, son."

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