Friday, October 22, 2010

upside down naptime

G's naps are hit and miss. Some days, like day before yesterday, he naps beautifully. He slept 10 hours at night and had 2-3 one-hour naps plus a two-hour afternoon nap. During the afternoon nap, he kept trying to roll onto his back. I did my best to maneuver him into a decent back laying position without waking him up, but he just wasn't cooperating. I did manage to snap a web cam photo of him on the Boppy pillow. He was laying almost sideways in it with his head nearly upside down. The photo really doesn't do the pose justice.

Of course, yesterday he didn't want to nap at all. He was in a fantastic mood until the evening despite the lack of solid napping. Today, he took a three hour nap. What a weirdo. This child has been crazy this week. He's decided he wants to work on several milestones all at once.

He's deliberately grasping things for the first time.

He can sit up just by holding your fingers.

He's grabbing things and pulling them into your mouth, including hands and my hair.

He's trying out all the consonants of the English language. Over and over. Very loudly.

He's doing his best to baby belly giggle. It's almost there. Mostly, right now, it's just screeching.

His reflux has been horrible the past three days, but I think it's because he's so active. He really does not sit still for very long, except when he's hanging out with his head upside down as he tries to watch the TV.

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