Friday, October 22, 2010

Grayson says...

Grayson says, I like my exersaucer. Mommy doesn't let me in it very often, only ten minutes at a time. But I like to stare at the stuff on it and sometimes I'll even try to grab them. Mommy gets really excited whenever I feel like doing it, which is really weird. She gets excited about the most random things.

Today, I mainly wanted to look around and at Mommy, even though she had that big black camera out again. I made a few faces but she didn't take the hint. Or maybe I frowned because I bit my hand too hard. I forget.

 But then Mum did something funny so I grinned instead. She keeps trying to make me baby belly giggle, but I like to screech right now. Or try to talk with fingers in my mouth. That's fun too.

 I like to stick my right thumb in my mouth, especially around bedtime, but mostly I chew on my left fingers. They get all slobbery and Mommy wipes them a lot (SO ANNOYING). I drool. It's what babies do, yo.

One of my favorite things to do right now is to try out my face. I make it do all sorts of things - it's amazing! I smile a lot, but who knew I could stretch my smile out this much? I look like I'm roaring - roar!

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