Sunday, November 14, 2010

in which g works on the sitting (and standing)

G is learning how to sit up on his own. He's getting really good at it - it's so amazing to see how much he's changed in just the past few weeks. We've been trying to get him to sit up on his own as much as possible so he gets lots of practice. It's cute how he'll grab our pants to try to stay sitting up.

Sometimes he's not too good at it and falls over, though. Especially if he's trying to eat his hands or look at something on the floor. He can't do anything else and sit up straight at the same time. He's not phased by falling over! In fact, I think it amuses him, even if he falls on his face. (Yes, we let our baby fall on his face, but only gently so he just gets the point. G, if you lean forward like that, you will fall over.) I'm hoping he'll be sitting unassisted by 6 months. Maybe he will!

After a while, he'll get tired of sitting and wants stand for a bit. He loves loves loves to stand. Sometimes it's difficult to get him to practice sitting because he'll dig in his heels, straight his legs, and try to stand. That just results in pushing himself backward. Which makes him even more frustrated. haha.

Then he gets tired of it all and just wants to chill. He was about ready for a nap here anyway. I love when he decides to lean back against us for a bit.

Yeah, I'm just chillin' and ready for a boob nap. But I can still manage a smile.

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