Friday, November 12, 2010

random bits of the life of g

Grayson says...

I'm trying to roll, but I only get onto my side. Sometimes I'll nom a nearby toy while I'm at it. Mum tries to show me how to go from my side onto my tummy. I hate tummy time, so I just roll back onto my back, then back onto my side. Take that, Mommy.

My socks just don't stay on. It certainly didn't bother me while I was eating here. Chilly toes don't seem to bother me either.

I didn't much care for squash. It was okay. Not yummy like rice cereal. Just okay. It kinda made me barf more than usual, though. My face is the spitting image of apathy.

Mum takes sooo many pictures. I'm getting more used to the camera, but when I'm done with it, I'm done.  This is my "go away now, camera" face. If mommy doesn't take the hint, I'll start fussing to get my point across. That usually works.

I get to try some fleece pjs tonight! Maybe they'll help me sleep a little better. My room gets chilly!

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