Thursday, November 18, 2010

want... to... sit

Grayson says,

I'm doing this thing where I try to sit up from laying flat on my back. Mum laughs at me and says that's not the way to do it, but I just know sometimes when I do that, I sit up. I have to shake my hands to make Mum let go because for some reason she's always hanging onto me when I do this. Jeez, woman, just let me do it! I know what's up and up.

She just wouldn't put the camera away a few days ago.

What's up? What are you trying to get a picture of? Wait, I want to eat my sleeve. Let me eat my sleeve!

But it was so tasty... Meanie.

I guess that's not what you were trying to take a picture of, huh? How about my cute face? No? You're waiting so patiently to see me doing my latest trick, aren't you? I've been lifting my head all afternoon and once you take out the picture I just suddenly stop. That's just like me, huh?

Okay, here you go, Mama. I'll play. And... lift.

There, I did it. Now take the camera away and grab my hands so I can sit up!

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