Saturday, November 20, 2010

puppy luv

The hubby's grandmother (so G's great-grandmother) gave him a soft pale blue puppy when she visited last month. G absolutely adores the thing. He takes to few toys, so it's really something special if he'll pay attention to it for more than a few seconds. Right now, his favorite toys are this stuff animal, a purple butterfly with crinkle wings, a ball with holes in it that he can grab, and one of his playmat dangling toys that's a turtle with some fish hanging from it. Go figure.

The cutest thing ever is when you place the puppy on his stomach. He'll grab it with his hands and feet, then roll over onto his side. He'll do this over and over. (The second cutest thing is when you hold it over him and then move it toward him. His arms and legs go nutso with the anticipation of getting puppy kisses.

I love the way he plays with it with his feet. He loves to rub his feet on anything they come into contact with, including each other. The feet just kill me with cute in all of these photos.

I'm gonna punch ya, puppy, if you don't get over here so I can chew on your face!

Nom nom nom. I don't think he actually enjoys chewing on puppy's face because he makes faces whenever he does. But he just goes back in for more.

What? So I like to chew?

G just REEKS of cuteness. It's really more than I can stand sometimes. And yes, he's wearing a onesie that says "I love mom and dad." No, we didn't buy it for him because we just don't buy clothes that say that kinda thing. He looks good in green, though, doesn't he?

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