Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FOUR is my favorite number

I dunno why, but it is. I love that my son was born on June 4th. (He was born on 6/4/10, at 6:10am, 6 pounds 3 ounces (how cool would it have been if he'd been 4 ounces?).)

Anyway, here's a meme on the day after my birthday. I'm 29. One more year before I feel officially THAT old.

Four Shows I Watch
  1. Gilmore Girls, even though I've seen each episode a billion times. When it comes on at 4pm, I tend to turn it on for the familiar background noise.
  2. Amazing Race, never fails to amuse
  3. Glee, I love it in all its imperfections
  4. Top Chef, makes me want to stuff my face with every bit of food in the house

Four Things I'm Passionate About
  1. my family, they sorta, kinda rock.
  2. anime. I don't get to watch enough of it, especially the new stuff. but I have a not-so small fever for it.
  3. writing. can't wait to pick that back up.
  4. chocolate. all shapes and sizes. please don't make me stop eating it.

Four Phrases I Say a Lot
  1. "Hi!" usually to G, guaranteed a smile
  2. "Freakin' cat" usually in reference to one of the cats doing something that annoys me
  3. "Honey-bunny" usually in references to the hubs. sick, I know.
  4. "Time for..." Time for a boob nap; time for food; time for a diapy change; etc.
Four Things I've Learned from the Past

Four Places I'd Like to Go
  1. Japan
  2. Disney World when G is older
  3. a many-country tour of Europe
  4. Denver to go skiing
Four Things I Did Yesterday
  1. took a bubble bath
  2. ate too much brownie
  3. opened a boxed set season of Dragon Ball Z (part of Freiza saga)
  4. got a massage

Four Things I Love About Winter
  1. baby hats
  2. scarves
  3. snuggling down in bed under our heavy covers
  4. fireplaces
Four Things I'm Looking Forward To 
  1. Christmas!
  2. G becoming more mobile - oh the cute
  3. going to see Les Miserables in April
  4. the hubs coming home from his second job tonight

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