Monday, December 20, 2010

really? I can go shopping now?

We decided to put G in the shopping cart free of his car seat for the first time since he's getting so good at sitting up. The hubs and I actually went grocery shopping together for the first time since G was born. Aw, grocery picking as a family. It was heaven, really. I hate grocery shopping by myself. Not my favorite activity.

G looks rather apathetic in these pics, but I assure you that he was thrilled. He was even making his little pterodactyl noises by the end of it, which means he'd really loosened up. His head was jerking all over the place as he tried to see everything all at once. We ended up stuffing him in there pretty good with a blanket because he was a bit wobbly, but all in all, he did excellently.

My little boy is such a big boy. Sniff.

He also garnered a bit of attention from a few people while we were there. But how can you resist those chub cheeks, right?

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