Sunday, January 30, 2011

a zoo day in January

This weekend was glorious. It got up to just above the 60s both days - so weird for January, especially considering the snow we had a couple days ago. We headed out to the zoo for the first time in months. G got to sit facing forward in the stroller for only the second time, the first being at a mall. He loves it so much! He'll kick his legs and squeal really loudly.

We got no fussing from him the whole time we were there, even though halfway through we realized it'd been a while since he ate. I found a quiet corner in the deserted amphitheater and fed him in public without a cover for the first time. Then we continued on our merry way with the zoo-venture.

One of our favorite stops is at the meerkats. We love them so hard. And we had great timing because yesterday was the first day the new babies had come out of the burrow to play in the sunshine. The zookeepers said they were probably about a month old. They were so tiny and fuzzy and wobbly. The adult meerkats were all on high alert. Every sudden sound or movement sent them chattering and running back to the babies. Something spooked them good once and they all disappeared for a few seconds, pulling babies down into the ground with them. We died from all the cute.

One of these days I'm going to remember to bring my zoom lens with me. Bleh.

Like usual, we went up to the big grassy hill and took some family pics.

All of that sunshine and warmth just makes me pine for spring even more. I'm dreaming of long walks, pushing G in swings, kiddie pools, cold drinks, and flip-flops.

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