Friday, March 25, 2011

grayson says... OMG SO EXCITED

Grayson says,

I like to sit with my legs crossed. I do it all the time right now.

It's kinda hard to balance like that, though.

Oh, it is a camera moment, mama?

You know I don't care much for that camera thingy.

I know you're trying to get me to smile. You're trying really hard, aren't ya?

Okay, I guess that noise you're making combined with shaking your hair like a crazy lady is kinda amusing.

Oh wait, is that daddy??

OMG, it's DADDY!

Hi, Daddy!

(Yeah, I'd been trying forever to get a good gummy smile out of him, since he's about to cut his first tooth on the bottom left. The hubs walks into the room and says hi to G, and the kid was just bursting with giddy happiness. The next to last pic just slays me with cute!)

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