Wednesday, March 23, 2011

off to Alabama we go

We spent half of my Spring Break in Alabama, visiting my side of the family. Grayson had a blast despite being kind of unable to sleep on his stomach in his smaller pack n play. He was so comfortable around everyone - I think he's getting much more used to random people. Plus, he seemed to really remember my mom and dad, so that made me happy. I know my mom was thrilled. :)

The weather was gorgeous, so we spent a good portion of each day outside.

We spent several hours at my grandparents' house when we first got there. They love playing with G. They insisted on pulling G around in a wagon - so cute. G was more interested in playing with the quilt he was sitting on instead of being pulled around; sometimes he gets a little obsessed with something.

Baby's first Star Wars shirt!

Northwest Alabama has some gorgeous parks. One of my favorites as a kid was Spring Park. It's got everything - bridges over water, ponds with ducks, a waterfall, monuments, lots of playground equipment, expanses of grass, a kiddie train, and the best shaved ice I've ever had. Seriously, that stuff was like crack, especially when you added cream to it. I wish I'd gotten a picture of my mountain of cherry and cream shaved ice, but my hands got sticky fast.

We, of course, had to take G on the train. He got a little pouty like he was about to cry while we were sitting on it before it started up, but he was good once we got going. I think he actually wanted to play more with the seat in front of him than look around. Silly baby.

He was so cute as he kept grabbing my mom's sleeve to get her attention.

All in all, it was a fabu four days.

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