Monday, April 4, 2011

happy 10 months, g!

We are now in the double digits!

Grayson, you have changed so much this month and had unbelievable amounts of growth. I'm really kind of in awe of how quickly you've picked some things up. Most of it actually happened in just the last week.

In the last week alone, you've...

... cut your first tooth on the bottom left.

... almost figured out how to crawl, so you've been really getting around by scooting, rolling, and pushing yourself back up.

... randomly sat up on your own, so now you sit up from your stomach, side, back, any which way.

... pulled up to stand on your play table.

...ate your first finger food (organic banana puffs) without gagging and then started to put them in your mouth on your own.

... cruised around your crib by hanging onto the railing.

... grew a ton, especially your head since your sun hat fits snugger than it was two weeks ago.

Wow, right? Of course, this meant that your sleep has been horrible. Your little brain has been working overtime, and it took five days or so for that tooth to cut through your gum. It's no wonder you woke up so often. We'll probably have to do a bit of sleep training later on, but we're hoping you'll just work out your issues on your own. You've certainly done so in the past.

We're still breastfeeding! I made the decision to keep on until you turn a year so we can avoid formula. It'll also give your tummy time to become more dairy-friendly; maybe we'll be able to switch you to cow's milk then. I've been having something dairy twice a week, and you seem to be handling it well. You're definitely getting over your allergy - we just need to be patient! I'm really enjoying the bits of dairy, though my system isn't used to it anymore. Ugh. Oh, and you're testing the waters with a bit of biting. You haven't bitten hard enough to do any damage, but you're certainly seeing what you can get away with. I'm trying to let you know it's not appreciated, so here's hoping you get the hint soon.

Oh my gosh, g-baby. I can't wait to experience month 10 with you. You're so much fun to spend time with. It's easy to get you to smile, and it's become much easier to get you to laugh too. You love playing peekaboo with a blanket; you'll even pull it over your face and push it down quickly by yourself. You respond with a big smile and giggles to tickling; when I tickle your feet, you laugh and hold them out for me to tickle again.

It's just amazing how much more you can do this month. You love to shake things to see if they make any noise. You'll bang them against the floor or bang two toys together. You'll drop something and then look to see where it went. It's hilarious when you lean really far to the side to try to see around something; I love it when you do that looking for me.

I could go on and on. This month has just been amazing. You, G, are amazing. And seriously the cutest kid ever. We took a lot of pictures today, so I'll get those posted tomorrow and prove it!

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