Friday, April 8, 2011

grayson says, it's my life, yo.

snippets from what g does during a day (and in his own words):

Hi! HI HI HI! It's 5:45am and I'm ready for the day to begin. It's the morning so awesome? It's AWESOME.

Hi, Mama! I see you there with the camera but that's okay because it's the morning and WHEEEE.

I grew some hair while I was sleeping. Look how fluffy it is.

I see you looking at me!

 Daddy is always so funny.

Hi, Mr. Squishy. Thanks for helping me go back to sleep last night.

Okay, time to eat my boob breakfast. I like to grab mama's mouth.

And stuff my fist down her shirt.

While mama is at work for a few hours, I go to work with daddy. I was ready for a nap here. I dunno why he's trying to eat my brains. Are they really that tasty?

 What am I supposed to do with this thing? Should I banga banga on it?

Oh, the hard work of a baby. Getting my picture taking with Kenny Loggins. I really was pretty excited, but I was needing that nap.

 Time for some food! I love puffs. They're the only finger food I can really eat right now, but I can scarf them down easily.

 Yeesss, I shall eat this puff.

Mmm, tasty pear. Wipe my face, daddy.

Oh how I love water in my straw sippy.

Want some, daddy?

Neener-neener! It's all mine!

I really like playing in my room.

I was almost-crawling here!

I'm comin' for ya, car.

Standing is my favorite thing to do. I wish I could stand all day!

Man, I'm worn out. Is it time for bed yet?

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