Saturday, April 9, 2011

watch out - Grayson's on the move

G and I went to the zoo on Wednesday. I decided to take some pics in the big grassy hill, so I spread out our picnic blanket and put G in the middle of it. Well, he decided he wanted to check out the grass. I just so happened to be taking pictures at the time, so I managed to capture his first few paces as he crawled over to the edge of the blanket.

He took me by surprise and my jaw just dropped! He didn't do it again for a day or so, but then he just up and decided he was ready. Yesterday and today, he's been all over the place! We took a video of him crawling this afternoon. He crawls on one knee and one foot, kinda sideways like a crab. It's hilarious to watch, but he's so proud of himself. Go G!

1 comment:

  1. Look at him go! Good going getting that on camera! Hes getting so big!


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