Sunday, May 29, 2011

as my baby turns one

Grayson is about to turn one year old on Saturday.


For the part month or so, he's really started to look like a toddler in the face. It's amazing the changes I've seen in him lately. I'll do a more formal update later this week, but I wanted to kinda go down memory lane and take a look at how my baby has changed.

Teeny, all wrinkle-legged cuddlebug.

Two weeks: he didn't do much besides look cute. I so wish I hadn't been so sick during his first two weeks. I would have taken so many more pictures of my tiny brand new boy.

Month 1: his legs were finally started to fill out.

Month 2: this was such a fun month in terms of development. So much personality was starting to show through. His smile would make my heart flutter.

Month 3:  he still has the most gorgeous eyes.

Month 4: finally starting to gross a little longer hair

Month 5: oh the faces he could pull (and still can)

Month 6: we discovered his love of swinging.

Month 7: he's so affectionate and cuddly

Month 8: he's so silly. and man, he has gigantic feet.

Month 9: his laugh and smile are so infectious. he's turned into quite the social baby, and he charms everyone he meets on the playground. god, he's going to slay the ladies (or the men) with those eyelashes.

Month 10: I swear he knows more than he lets on, even from the moment they put him in my arms, and he blinked up at me and met my eyes.

Month 11: he laughs so easily and freely, loves to take everything in around him and soak it all up.

My baby is almost a toddler. He's got six days to go. I'm gonna try really hard not to cry, but I know I won't make through the day without a least a few happy tears.

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