Monday, May 9, 2011

first mother's day

I spent my first Mother's Day sleeping... a lot.

It was grand.

The babe decided to wake up at 5:30, and my loving husband got out of bed... well, I got out of bed too. I had to feed G, but then I got to slip back underneath the covers and conk out again. I was nudged awake sometime after 7 with the sound of my husband's voice and the smell of french toast. So I ate breakfast in bed to the TV in peace for a little bit until I felt like dragging myself downstairs.

After G woke up from his first nap around 10:30, we headed out to eat some lunch at Ghengis Grill. I really love that place. It's a little difficult to manage with a baby on your hip, but the two of us worked together to fill up our bowls. Grayson's been having some stomach problems - bouts of diarrhea that almost always leak out of his diaper - and he had an unfortunate accident on the way there. Ugh. Luckily, we were anticipating it and got him all cleaned up. Or rather, the hubs did, since it was Mother's Day. :)

After that, we went to Kohl's and found the hubs a shirt to wear for G's one year photoshoot coming up next month. We also got a pair of shoes for G to wear for photos as well. We never put shoes on him, so we're woefully inexperienced in getting them on his feet. It's almost like he doesn't have heels or something. We just can't figure it out!

Anyway, at that point, it was time for G's second nap, so we went home. I nursed the babe down, and then I knew exactly where I was headed - up to bed for a nap of my own! G slept for about 45 minutes, but I didn't roll out of bed until an hour and a half later. muaha.

We needed a few groceries, and off to the grocery store we went. Not very exciting, I guess. But after that we checked out a new park near us and G got to swing. He's gotten so much bigger than his last swinging experience - he holds on and everything. Oh my gosh, he's so big. My baby is going to be one in less than a month!

Anyway, we had some fantastic late afternoon light; all I had to do to these photos was a little sharpening and resizing for the Internet. I love them all, but especially the close up one where you can clearly see his two bottom teeth. The second one down is totally out of focus, but I love it anyway.

What a gorgeous little boy I have!

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