Wednesday, May 4, 2011

one month to go until the big O-N-E

Dear Grayson,

You're now just one month away from your first birthday. Mommy and Daddy have been busy planning your party. The invitations went out yesterday. We're doing a zoo theme since you love going to the zoo so much. I have no idea how you'll react to cake.

This was a big month for you (isn't it always?) in that you perfected a lot of the skills you learned right before you turned 10 months. Your sleep as been all over the place. Sometimes you sleep great and only wake up once. Sometimes you wake up several times and stay up for hours in the middle of the night.

You can pull up on anything and everything now. And, more importantly, you can sit back down without hurting yourself, which makes me so relieved. You're a pulling up maniac - up, down, up, down. You've also more perfected how to crawl, so you're trucking it all over the place. We put up some baby gates at your room's door and one to keep you out of the cat's food, water, and litter box. We need to put one up at the bottom of the stairs since you've figured out how to climb them. All over the house we had to finally baby proof since you're into everything you can reach.

Whenever we go to a playground, I keep hearing about how close you are to walking. And you really are. You've been letting go of things while standing and holding your balance for 5 or so seconds before falling. You'll walk along things and transfer from the coffee table, to the exersaucer, to my knee, and back again. I know soon you'll decide to try to take some steps without holding onto anything, and away you'll go!

You also cut two teeth this month. You cut the other bottom one that's next to your first, and you cut the top left tooth that will be next to your front left. We took you to a dentist for the first time due to some dark marks on your teeth (she said they were due to your iron-rich vitamin - boo! at least it can be scraped off later - yay!) and you did great. She really pissed you off, but then you were over it as soon as she stopped poking you in the mouth. It's unusual for babies to cut a side tooth before the middle ones, but I guess you're not wanting to do anything normal with your teeth.

In addition to all the mobility stuff, more of your personality is coming through. You're having your first protests when you don't get your way (they're kinda funny, actually). You wave back to us when we wave, and giving high fives makes the biggest smile pop up on your face. It's so easy to make you laugh now, too.

I'm still waiting to actually be called "mama" but you finally started saying it again! You started babbling with mama and then quickly decided that dada was way more fun to say. The past week you started up with the mamas again. It's so weird to hear you say that. I don't know how much you understand what you're saying, but we're trying to encourage by pointing at each of us to see if you get it.

We're still breastfeeding and beginning to work on more fingerfoods since you're seeming more ready. You had bits of broccoli the other day and loved it. You're a champ with eating chunks of banana but they're difficult to pick up without some crushed puffs on them. You're so excited to be feeding yourself, so we'll be working on that a lot this upcoming month. I have a feeling that you're going to start refusing purees once you get used to eating on your own.

Happy b-day, G. It's your last before we celebrate the first anniversary of the day you were born!

Dave took these pics today, and I edited them. :)

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