Wednesday, April 27, 2011

baby's first easter basket

Grayson says,

Goood morning, parents! I hear it's Easter!

Hi! hi hi hi!

C'mon! I get something, right?

There it is!

I'm gonna get ya, Easter basket.

Yay! New puffs! I get to eat these later, right?

Let's see... what else...?

Aw, did you get me a book? You know I love books.

Ooo, pretty...

Must examine closer.

I LOVE this book!

What's this, mama?

I haven't seen one of these before.

I must study this further later.

Woo! Some of my favorite purees!

Yay, Tangled on Blu-ray!

And a little toy. I think I'm kinda scared of it, ok?

OMG, a blanket!

Best Easter basket ever!

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