Thursday, April 14, 2011

android pics update

Sometimes I get to capture moments on my phone that I just wouldn't be able to if I had to haul out the Nikon.

Mmm, tasty toes.

G loved my bro and his girlfriend. He kept trying to eat her colorful skirt. 

His first ride at Chucky Cheese's on a firetruck. He was actually more amused than he seems here.

He looks like he's sucking his thumb here, but he isn't. G actually takes one of his two naps on me daily, sprawling across my lap. But really, wouldn't you trade anything to be able to see this face?

What a hilarious baby. Laying on my legs, eating the drawstring of my pants, holding a leg up in the air for no reason.

G's teething again, so his daddy often helps him sleep a bit more in the morning when he's having a difficult time going back to bed. I walked in to see them like this.

Up for the day with super fluffy hair.

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