Monday, October 17, 2011

baby's 2nd Halloween

Unlike Baby's 1st Halloween, which involved dressing G up in various costumes and snapping pics while we laughed at the cuteness, this Halloween we decided to actually do some real celebrating. The Nashville zoo has a fantastic fall fest called Ghouls at Grassmere. Most of the festivities went right over his head, but he still had fun running around like crazy.

G was the dragon, I was the princess (ha), and Dave was the knight. Cute, right? I know it's kind of sick, but we only have a few years to force the kid into whatever costume we want, so we went for it.

He didn't let us put on the hat until later, and those booties had to come off right after we got there. But he was still freakin' adorable.

He was a little unamused on the hay ride. But he loosened up toward the end of it and happily pointed out everything he saw.

How cute is this dragon? I could kiss that face all day long.

I highly recommend Ghouls at Grassmere if you're in middle Tennessee and looking for something to do this Halloween!

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